frill: any unnecessary ornament.

"The definition says a lot about the music and the attitude of this band. We've kept the band a trio to keep things simple... things can get so complicated when you have too much input. We just try to concentrate on what really matters - the music," says singer/songwriter/guitarist Justin Moore. Justin's heartfelt yet intense, songwriting style centered around simple hooks and melodies creates a radio-friendly style of rock-n-roll .

frill has been winning over fans across Dallas at venues such as Trees, Club Da da, and Club Clearview, and their energetic live shows have begun to make their mark in surrounding areas such as Ft. Worth and Denton. Their straight ahead rock-n-roll songs, the darker, more melodic ones, and their explosive dynamic tunes have put frill into a category all their own. "I always enjoy shows where the band plays a variety of songs with varying tempos and feels to those songs. It seems as if a lot of the TX acts get caught in that 'every song sounds and feels the same' rut. I believe our music has the diversity to capture many audiences. We play rock songs, pop songs, some with a heavy punk feel, some riff oriented, some ballads, but all of it is what rock-n-roll is today."


Justin hooked up with bass player, Dan O'Donnell first. "I'd known him for awhile in high school, knew he'd been playing in bands forever, so we got together and jammed," says Moore. "It clicked almost instantly. We had a lot of the same influences and our playing styles went well together." The search for a drummer, on the other hand, was not so effortless. Current drummer Joey Wray, a mutual friend of the band, began as a fill-in while frill was on their never-ending search for a permanent drummer. "Joey had a project of his own he'd been concentrating on and could never commit full time to this band." Fortunately, after the departure of frill's previous drummer, Joey decided to make the move and commit. "Who knows why he finally committed, I'm just glad to have him aboard," Moore says. Currently recording with Joey, Justin believes that his hard-hitting rock-n-roll drumming is just what frill needs to take their music to the next level.

Justin Moore: guitars, vocals; Dan O'Donnell: bass; Joey Wray, drums


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